Rrelease It! - book review

7 minute read

Recently I read excellent book Release It! written by Michael Nygard. The book is 7 years old and I don’t know how I could miss the book until now.

Development Environment Setup

4 minute read

This document is a manual how to configure flexible development environment for Java, JavaScript, Ruby and Python - my primary set of tools. Even if the runt...

GitFlow step by step

4 minute read

Git Flow is a mainstream process for branch per feature development. Git Flow is the best method I’ve found for managing project developed by small to medi...

How to document your professional experiences

1 minute read

Have you considered what is important for prospective employer? What is the most valuable information source about your professional experience? How to docu...

Code coverage for managers and developers

2 minute read

From time to time, people ask me what code coverage by tests should be. Does 60% mean that project is healthy? Or maybe the goal should be 70% or 80%?

How to convince your manager to adopt Git

4 minute read

Distributed Concurrent Versions Systems (DCVSs) like Git or Mercurial has changed software delivery processes significantly. I would not want to go back to t...