Have you considered what’s important for prospective employer? What’s the most valuable information source about your professional experience? How to document that you are an expert in software engineering?

Below you can find some of my tricks:

  • Write a blog, teaching is the best learning method :-)
  • Write an article to the software magazine
  • Contribute to open source project(s) like MyTourbook
  • Report bugs to the open source project(s), send pull requests and patches.
  • Manage your profile @ GitHub
  • Manage your profile @ StackOverflow
  • Manage your profile @ Goodreads
  • Manage your profile @ LinkedIn
  • Post to discussion groups, be helpful for others
  • Be active in local software groups (e.g. JUG)
  • Attend university lectures (@ Coursera), 100% free

To be honest, I have done only few of them for myself :-(