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DIY hi-fi stereo system

4 minute read

This blog post is different from all other posts I’ve already published. I swapped my keyboard for a soldering iron and IDE for a circuit board to build a DIY hi-fi stereo system.

Test Driven Development for Data Engineers

31 minute read

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a well established practice in a software engineering community. It helps to guarantee that code is reliable and error-free by requiring developers to write tests before writing the actual code, and promotes better code design and modularity for easier maintenance and extension. Para...

Unified batch and streaming

18 minute read

Unified batch and streaming processing is a data architecture that seamlessly combines both batch and real-time data processing. It enables organizations to gain real-time insights from their data while maintaining the ability to process large volumes of historical data. In the past organizations often dealt with ba...

Back to a senior engineer

7 minute read

I started my professional software engineer career around the year 2000. For the next 14 years I was in an individual contributor role. When I joined Allegro in 2014 I had a choice: be a senior software engineer or become a team leader. I wanted to try something new and I started working as a team leader. After 9 ye...

ChatGPT – new way of learning

24 minute read

This evening I decided to learn something about type classes. In the past I would’ve picked a book with good reviews, or read a set of articles written by functional programming masters. This time, I wanted to check if could talk with machines 😜

Managing technical debt using Dependabot

11 minute read

Today I would like to show you how to manage technical debt by updating project dependencies continuously. Surprisingly, with this technique you will get much more goodies than just updated dependencies:

Technical writing techniques and tools

17 minute read

I’ve managed this blog since 2011. I’m also a primary contributor to the documentation managed by my team. For example: on-boarding guide for new colleagues or a tourist, technical guides, definition of done, architecture decision records and more. As you perhaps already know, software engineers don’t like writing t...

The Go programming language

3 minute read

Go is a modern programming language designed at Google to improve developer productivity. But how to improve productivity? By limiting engineers’ power and flexibility 😂