Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans.

You have to read this book, period. From the very beginning to very end. Don’t stop reading after first part of the book, the part about strategic design is much more important. Study this book again and again. I didn’t read this book at once, it would be impossible mission. Every time I back to this book I found something new, every single word in this book is important and brings some meaning.

Implementing Domain Driven Design by Vaughn Vernon.

More practical and easier to digest book than previous one. Not so brilliant but still worth reading.

Exploring CQRS and Event Sourcing

Excellent DDD/CQRS case study with working code on GitHub. Real world example how to define bounded context and how to integrate them using domain events. Awesome!

Enterprise Patterns and MDA by Jim Arlow and Ila Neusandt

Don’t reinvent the wheel when you discover your domain model. At least for e-commerce :-) Apply presented archetype patterns wisely and save your ass.

My examples - “Domain Driven Desing - from trenches for practitioners” presentation. - Blog post - my DDD check list. - Experiment based on Vernon book. - Experiment based on Exploring CQRS and Event Sourcing book.

Other sources - Udi Dahan - one of my mentor in distributed systems and DDD architecture. - official DDD discussion group, addictive reading for long winter evenings.