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Code coverage for managers and developers

2 minute read

From time to time, people ask me what code coverage by tests should be. Does 60% mean that project is healthy? Or maybe the goal should be 70% or 80%?

How to convince your manager to adopt Git

4 minute read

Distributed Concurrent Versions Systems (DCVSs) like Git or Mercurial has changed software delivery processes significantly. I would not want to go back to t...

Pure JEE or Spring Framework

5 minute read

During my career as J2EE and JEE software developer I have been trying to use pure JEE two o three times. And I decided to don’t repeat this exercise any mo...

Artifactory Performance Tuning

4 minute read

Few years ago I participated in Kirk Pepperdine Java performance tuning training. One of the greatest technical training which I have ever been! And also g...