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Release It! – book review

7 minute read

Recently I read excellent book Release It! written by Michael Nygard. The book is 7 years old and I don’t know how I could miss the book until now.

The Twelve-Factor App – part 1

4 minute read

During my studies about “Micro Services” I found comprehensive (but short) document about Twelve-Factor App methodology for building software-as-a-service applications. The orginal paper is published at Below you can find a short summary of my experiences for the first part of the document. There is a...

How to send email from JEE application

3 minute read

Sending email notifications from enterprise application is very common scenario. I know several methods to solve this puzzle, below you can find short summary. To send an email from the application at least SMTP server address must be configured. Because released application binary (e.g: WAR file) should be porta...

DDD Architecture Summary

5 minute read

In this blog post you can find my general rules for implementing system using Domain Driven Design. Don’t use them blindly but it’s good starting point for DDD practitioners.

Development Environment Setup

3 minute read

This document is a manual how to configure flexible development environment for Java, JavaScript, Ruby and Python - my primary set of tools. Even if the runtimes installation with apt-get seems to be a trivial task, there is limited control over installed version of the runtime. The goal is to configure environment ...

GitFlow step by step

4 minute read

Git Flow is a mainstream process for branch per feature development. Git Flow is the best method I’ve found for managing project developed by small to medium project teams. Before you start reading this post you should read two mandatory lectures: