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How to document your professional experiences

1 minute read

Have you considered what’s important for prospective employer? What’s the most valuable information source about your professional experience? How to document that you are an expert in software engineering? Below you can find some of my tricks: Write a blog, teaching is the best learning method :-) Write an ...

Virtual Box VDI maintenance

1 minute read

Virtual Disk Image (VDI) is a Virtual Box container format for guest hard disk. I found that VDI files on the host system grows over the time. If your VDI file on the host system is much bigger than used spaces on guest partition it is time for compaction:

Code coverage for managers and developers

2 minute read

From time to time, people ask me what code coverage by tests should be. Does 60% mean that project is healthy? Or maybe the goal should be 70% or 80%?

How to convince your manager to adopt Git

4 minute read

Distributed Concurrent Versions Systems (DCVSs) like Git or Mercurial has changed software delivery processes significantly. I would not want to go back to the mid ages of Subversion, and I’m able to convince almost any developer to use DCVS. Convincing managers is much more tough task. Below I collected some insigh...

Pure JEE or Spring Framework

5 minute read

During my career as J2EE and JEE software developer I have been trying to use pure JEE two o three times. And I decided to don’t repeat this exercise any more, it would be waste of my precious time. Below you can find short but quite comprehensive summary (based on Ilias Tsagklis):

Artifactory Performance Tuning

4 minute read

Few years ago I participated in Kirk Pepperdine Java performance tuning training. One of the greatest technical training which I have ever been! And also great opportunity to visit Crete :-) Let’s check what I remember from the training … In this blog post I would like to show Artifactory memory utilization analy...